May 23, 2018


Have you ever bought a piece, loved it but can't get yourself to wear it because it's not that perfect piece you were hoping it would be?... yet you also can't get yourself to return it either; that was how I felt about this dress until about a week ago.

I bought this gorgeous dress over a month ago and it just sat in my closet, not a typical thing for me, I wear my pieces right away; but I decided it's just too long, the cut would be perfect on a 5'6" or so frame. So I took it to my favourite tailor of over 10 years (yes tailoring pieces to fit is key for a polished look) and we decided to gut about 11 inches from it in total. This was done by cutting a bit off from under each ruffle layer.

Now with my perfect dress on hand, I created this work-wear inspired look, by styling this revisited blouse last seen HERE and accessorizing with black and brown pieces for a spring take on the look

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May 15, 2018

BRUNCH DATE || North Italia

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Happy Tuesday beautiful people,
I hope you're having a great week so far.
I recently brunched myself into a coma during a recent visit to a local gem North Italia.
I was accompanied by two of my darling friends on this cloudy Saturday and we had such a fabulous time.
We ate, we shared and laughed, as you should when sharing a lovely spread of delicious Italian food.

North (as we locals love to call it) has always been one of my favourite spots to dine, the calamari and margherita pizza (light on the cheese) are two of my favourites on the menu. And of course they're also known for their assortment of delicious cocktails, the mimosa was definitely a hit for my friends and I during our visit.

Sign up using this link  HERE for an offer off your first your first visit at one of their nationwide locations.

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Thanks North Italia for partnering on this post

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