May 30, 2014

Friday Frill

Top: Zara, Get it Here
Skirt: Banana Republic, Sold Out This
Shoes: J. Crew
Bag: Saint Laurent
Sunglasses: Prada

Happy Friday,
I hope all had a wonderful week. After what  has seemed like a long week for me, it's time to hit the town in a fun girly number.
Today, I'm again toying with print on print, I love experimenting with prints from two different worlds of fashion and see how fun it could be.
I came across this top a little while ago and immediately fell in love with the print, it's what I'll call a take on an "Ankara", a Nigerian print which we've seen plenty of from many designer houses and stores such as Marni, J.Crew, Zara just to name a few.
So I decided to pair this frill sleeve top and this gingham print skirt, I think they are a perfect spring combo, to finish it off, I paired my metallic heels as the perfect neutral.
What do you think of it?

Thanks for Viewing,

May 28, 2014

The Linen Find

Top: Equipment, Get it Here
Skirt: Asos, Get it Here
Shoes: J. Crew,
Bag: Saint Laurent

I hope all are having a wonderful week so far, thought I'd brighten up your day with this neon look.
I love linen but find it to be a tricky fabric to pull off; it wrinkles tremendously, it can be a bit sheer and not always flattering but this skirt seems to debunk all of these notions.
When I came across this skirt, I was willing to give it a try most especially because it is quite reasonably priced, once I received it and tried it on I was immediately blown away. The fit is great, the hue is the perfect shade of lemon not to mention the sexy slit in the front; a perfect addition to a pencil skirt, allowing for movement.
In this look, I went with a top seen here once before, they seem to compliment each other quite well, since the look is on the bright spectrum, I toned down the look with my gold metallic heels and a contrasting clutch with gold accents to tie the look together. As you may know or will come to know, I enjoy clean aesthetics with an element or two of flair.

Thanks for Viewing,

May 26, 2014

Red White & A Touch Of Blue

Dress: J Crew, Here
Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Here
Shoes: Valentino, Love This Colour
Bag: Chanel

Hello Memorial Day All,
Today is the unofficial first day of summer, it's crazy to think the summer season is less than a month away, I can't wait till the summer season begins because I plan to have a jam packed summer filled with fun, thrills & excitement; but in the meantime still springing along this great season.
On this gloomy Spring morning, I'm celebrating The Memorial Day Holiday next to this great Red wall in my White swiss dot flounce sleeve dress and my Blue Heels
, displaying the complete colours of the wonderful American flag to commemorate the day.
I love this dress because it's simple enough to style casually with sandals and a blue jean jacket or slightly dressed up as done above for a fun evening on the town.
I hope you'll have a safe and wonderful Memorial day.

Thanks for Viewing,

May 21, 2014

Bows Black & White

Dress: Trina Turk, Here
Jacket: Equipment, Here
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: J. Crew, Old, Love These

Hello All,
Who does not love a simple classic black dress? The key is finding the perfect fit for your body not to mention versatility in a piece... "Doheny" is just that dress for me.  I love the fit, the drop waist elongates my not so long torso which is a plus for my almost petite frame. The gathered bottom gives a flirty aspect, I always love in a piece; and last but not least the simplicity of the dress will allow me to wear this dress in many ways for years to come.
I wanted to style this dress casually; so I added the black and white silk bomber jacket which gives a sporty element to the look, the metallic sandals with the grosgrain over-sized ribbons were a fun addition; it is metallic (a hue I'm mad for) and the over-sized ribbons allow me to tie it into an over-sized bow, what else can one ask for? And of course the "Boy" bag added the classic edge.
Well, that's all she wrote, catch you soon.

Thanks for Viewing,

May 19, 2014

Too Cool For School

Top: J.Crew, Here
Skirt: Alexandra Grecco, Here
Bag: Proenza Schouler, Here
Shoes: Nike, Here
Necklace: J.Crew, Here

Happy Monday All,
Let's start the new week casually chic.
I love tulle skirts, and I hope to wear them till I'm at least 50 because I am that mad about tulle, why? Well, it's a fun article of clothing, I feel free each time I wear one and not to mention they are chic... So why not? :)
I was recently posed a question of how to wear tulle to school as a student which inspired this above look. I chose my grey tulle skirt, paired it with a light weight mesh sleeve sweater and added the bright sneakers as the fun pop and of course the clutch finished the look by adding another hue of colour. 
You can never be too cool for school.
Have a wonderful day.

Thanks for Viewing,

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