Jun 30, 2014

From St. Thomas With Love

Dress: Just Femme, Here
Clutch: Proenza Schouler, Here
Shoes:Valentino, Here

I hope all had a wonderful weekend.
I just returned home from a wonderful holiday to St. Thomas, I had such an amazing time. This was my second trip to the tropical island and I was just as in love with it this time around as I was the very first time I was fortunate enough to vacation there 2 years ago.
May I urge you to visit the island if you're ever able, the people, the food and culture is something all must experience at least once in their lifetime.
Above are a set of many photos captured while there in paradise, I wanted to keep my look clean and simple due to the tropical heat, the lighter and airy the fabric, the better.
On this day, I went with an off white baby doll dress, dazzled the look with my rockstud heels of the same hue as the dress and in true Ranti fashion added a wink of colour with my papaya coloured clutch. May I add the off white rockstud heels are by  far my favourite colour and I had been waiting for the re-distribution for about 7 months; off course I was happy to finally snatch up a pair before they sold out yet again.
Now, I feel like a true island girl :).
There are plenty more photos from my trip so tune in soon for more.

Thank you for viewing,

Jun 27, 2014



Dress: Solace London, Here
Clutch: Saint Laurent Paris (YSL)
Shoes: Saint Laurent Paris (YSL)
Sunglasses: Prada, Here

Happy Friday,
I hope all had a wonderful week, any huge plans for the first weekend of summer?
I'm taking a full plunge for my last look in celebration of my birthday this week, check out this sexy off-white number, love this dress. It's so sexy and makes me feel like quite a lady once slipped on :).
Contrary to what some may believe, I love a sexy dress, I just do not wear them that often unless I see the perfect one, and on this day I'm channeling those famous words of Beyonce which tells me to "put your freakum dress on". And why not?
For this look I decided to pair the dress with these heels to add that needed colour and close off with a clutch with a similar hue as the shoes.
This dress screams summer nights in the city and what better way to celebrate great weather than in a great sexy pair of heels? These bi-colour single strap heels are going to be a staple in my summer wardrobe, the colours are just amazing.
Ladies, what will you be wearing this weekend?

Thank you for viewing,

Jun 25, 2014

Gold Meets The Jumper

Jumpsuit: Miguelina, Old
Jacket: Zara, Love This Colour
Shoes: Gucci, Here
Bag: Gucci, Old
Sunglasses: Prada, Here

Happy Humpday,
On the continuation of my birthday week and celebration; I'm wearing a jumpsuit I've owned for a bit but never worn. I love this jumpsuit for several reasons, it's chic and sexy, but I've disliked just one thing about it, the flare bottom,
While recently watching the Sex And The City Movie again, I loved the jumpsuit Carrie wore which inspired the change to the scrunched bottom and as as result, the overall look.
I paired the jumpsuit with different hues of metallic gold accents and accessories and finished with the white blazer for a crisp finish.
Hope you'll love the look as much as I do.

Thank you for viewing,

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